Technical Information to ATEX-Tools


Beryllium copper tools are indispensable tools in all areas in which spark-free machining is required, so Cu-Be tools are also known as non-sparking tools. Areas of application are all ATEX areas, which are operated with flammable liquids and gases, e.g.

  • Fire department
  • Industry
  • Tanking systems
  • Paint shops
  • Gas and electricity networks

Beryllium copper alloys are non-magnetic and have very good electrical conductivity. They have high corrosion resistance against many media. Since the non-sparking tools made of copper beryllium is also non-magnetic, it can also be used in magnetic fields.


Safety information: Copper beryllium alloys as preparations in solid form do not present a direct health hazard to humans by skin contact, inhalation and / or ingestion. However, the alloy element beryllium is very toxic. Care should therefore be taken to ensure that no inhalable particles are formed during processing, as is the case, for example, during grinding, welding and solution annealing. Machining (milling, turning, drilling) is to be regarded as safe, since no small particles can get into the air.

Properties and functions



Application or advantages


 Applicable for ptentially explosive environments as works in the oil and gas- and petro-chamical industry


Critical for plants in which it is only allowed to work with non-magnetic tools


Main property for applications in corrosive environment as off-shore or fire-extingusishing installations

Forged after casting

Pffers better mechanical properties and better finishing

Comparison Beryllium-Copper (BeCu) and Aluminum-BronCe (Al-Br)


Differences Beryllium-Copper (BECu)-Alloy Aluminum-Bronce (AlBr)-Alloy
Hardness 35-40 HRc (283-365 Brinell)  25-30 HRc (229-291 Brinell)
Tensile Strenght 1117 N/mm2 - 1326 N/mm2 782 N/mm2 - 989 N/mm2
Stretchability δ ≤ 1,0 % δ ≤ 5 %
Magnetism 0 1,2


Petrochemistry Fire extinction industry Mines
Refinery Chemical industry Defense
Gas- and oil pipelines Grain elevators and mills Air force
Power stations Breweries Marine
Paint production Alcohol processing industry Production of weapons and munition
Production of plasitcs Distilleries Aviation industry
Pharmaceutical industry Firefighters Automotive industry