Non-magnetic, MR conditional tool sets made from titanium or beryllium-copper

A) MR Conditional Premium Titanium Tool Sets for MRI

August 7, 2016 Update to EMAREI Tool Tests:

Titanium and Beryllium Copper Tools Test 

conducted on August 7, 2016 at 

University of Southern California Hospital, Los Angeles, CA

with a 3-Tesla MR system (General Electric Healthcare, Milwaukee, WI)


Non-clinical testing demonstrated that the DOUBLE OPEN-END WRENCH, 30/32-mm, Titanium and Beryllium Copper is MR Conditional and can be used in the MRI environment according to the following conditions: 

  • Static magnetic field of 3-Tesla or less
  • Maximum spatial gradient magnetic field of 720-Gauss/cm

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is intended for use inside of the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) environment (e.g., in the MR system room). However, it is not intended for use directly inside of the MR system (e.g., inside of the bore of the scanner), during the operation of the scanner (i.e., during an MRI procedure). As such, the assessment of MRI issues for this product entailed an assessment of translational attraction in relation to exposure to a 3-Tesla MR system, only.  


NOTE: The above information applies to all tools made from the same material that are smaller in size/dimensions.

EMAREI titanium tools are manufactured in alloy Ti 6Al-4V. as one of the strongest metals It offers exceptional qualities:


  • 100 percent non-magnetic / paramagnetic
  • Extremely stable
  • corrosion resistant
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • 42% lighter than steel


Mechanical specifications:

  • Breaking strength / Ultimate strength: σ s = 834-987 MPa
  • Yield strength / Yield limit: σ 0.2 = 735 MPa
  • Proportionality / Proportional limit: σ p = 637MPa
  • Fatigue / fatigue limit: σ -1 = 520MPa
  • Ductility / Ductility: δ = 10%
  • Necking / Reduction of Area: Ψ = 25
  • Impact / Impact Toughness: aH = 0.4 MJ / M ^ 2


Chemical components:

Main components / Main components [%]:

  • Ti - complete with ingredients of / All with contents of
  • Al: 5.5-6,8%
  • Sn: NA
  • Mo: NA
  • V: 3.5-4.5%
  • Nb: NA
  • Part of impurities less than / Impurity content is less than [%]
  • Fe: 0.4%
  • Si: 0.15%
  • C: 0.1%
  • N: 0.05%
  • H: 0.015%
  • O: 0.25%

Application areas

  • Maintenance of MRI's
  • Aeronautics, military and space
  • Intense magnetic fields
  • Chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry


The low weight of titanium tools allows a less tiring use and is more resistant than steel. The Ti 6Al4V alloy is highly corrosion resistant salty and acid environments and fluids. Titanium is hypo-allergenic and thus is ideal for people with sensitive skin.

MRI-Conditional Premium Copper-Beryllium Tools for Magnet Resonance Tomographs

Beryllium copper tools are essential tools in all areas, in which you must need to work without sparks, therefore Cu-Be-tools are also named as non-sparking tools. Areas of application are all ATEX areas in which work with flammable liquids and gases, for example,

  • Fire Department
  • Industry
  • Filling Stations
  • Spraying
  • Gas- and electricity plants

Beryllium-copper alloys are absolutely non-magnetic and have a very good electrical conductivity. They are having a high corrosion resistance against many media. The sparking tools made of copper-beryllium are also non-magnetic and can be used to work in high-magnetic fields.


Safety remark: Copper beryllium alloys in solid form are not hazadous to humans through skin contact, inhalation and / or ingestion is. But the alloy element Beryllium is toxic. It should therefore be ensured that no respirable beryllium-particle arises, for example during grinding, welding and solution annealing. Machining (milling, turning, drilling) is classified as non-dangerous, as small particles aren´t set free in the air.

Non-magnetic copper beryllium tool case 24 pieces, Article-No. EAI0556CB

  • Article-No. EAI0556CB
  • Tool set 24 pieces
  • Material copper-beryllium
  • 100% Non-Magnetic
  • Packed in non-magnetic plastic toolcase


Costisting of:

  • Philips screwdriver PH0,1,2,3
  • Slotted screwdriver 3x50, 4x75, 5x100, 6x150 mm
  • Hexagon key 3,4,5,6,8 mm
  • Double open end wrench 6/7,8/9,10/12,13/15,19/17 mm
  • Tweezers
  • Diagonal cutters 6"
  • Needle nosed pliers 6"
  • Adjustable combination wrench 8"
  • Ceramic scissors
  • Hammer 230 g


  • Dimensions: ca. 350 x 430 x 190 mm
  • Total weight: ca. 5,5 kg

1.628,00 €

  • 5,5 kg
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  • 6 - 15 Werktage Lieferzeit / 6-15 days delivery time1