Low-magnetic Flashlight / Torch

EAI0143, LED flashlight MR-conditional 220 Lumen

  • Flashlights low-magnetic MRT 3C CREE LED
  • Switch for 3 luminous intensities
  • Delivery incl. 3 low-magnetic batteries
  • 3 low-magnetic batteries size C required for MR operation
  • See safety remarks below


Technical Details:

  • Range: High beam 100%: 200 m, Low beam 30%: 75 m
  • Lightning durance: High beam 100%: 50 h, Low beam 30%: 100 h
  • Cycle of operation electronic switch: 100% - 50% - 30% - Off/Aus
  • Net weight 248 g
  • Dimensions L 260 mm Ø Refl. 47 mm
  • Illuminant LED weiß CREE Q4
  • Life cycle > 20.000 h
  • Operating voltage 3,5 V
  • Luminous intensity up to 220 Lumen
  • Material Aluminum
  • Color black
  • Voltage 3 x 1,5 V
  • Type of voltage supply battery size C (3 pc. incl. in delivery)


EAI0143 Flashlights MR-conditional MRT 3C CREE LED incl. 3 MR-conditional batteries

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Update, December 12, 2016: EMAREI LED flashlight SLT-MRI 220 Lumen passed praxis test in a 7,7 Tesla Magnetat Tesla Engineering, UK. Steve Bates, CEO of Tesla confirmed "We tried your torch from the kit (EAI0563) yesterday at 7,7T Magnet. Thumbs up! Week 1/2017 we will try the 9 T Magnet."

June 30, 2016 Result of EMAREI flashlight Test:

Low-Magnetic EMAREI Flashlight incl. 3 low-magnetic batteries

conducted on June 14, 2016 in CHRU Nancy Hôpital Central, France

with a GE Healthcare, Discovery MR750w 3.0T


A low-Magnetic Flashlight EAI0144 consisting of body parts and low magnetic batteries, is considered as “MR Conditional” in accordance with the definition of the ASTM F2503-13 standard. The results of in vitro tests have demonstrated that the Flashlight does not present any danger in the following examination conditions: 

  • MRI with a static magnetic field limited to 3-Tesla
  • MRI with spatial gradient of the static magnetic field limited to 5.36 T/m
  • MRI sequences off (no gradient magnetic field, no radiofrequency field)


The respect of MR conditions guarantee security of the use of Low-Magnetic Flashlight EAI0144 in MR environment. Caution, near the tunnel entrance the users can feel some forces which disturb the manipulation of the Flashlight. For an optimal use EMAREI recommend not to approach the Flashlight over one meter the tunnel entrance. 


The assessment of the torque induced by a magnetic field has been conducted in accordance with ASTM F2213 standard. It was showed that the torque induced by a magnetic field of 3-Tesla or less does not present any risks. 

The tests conducted in accordance with ASTM F2052 standard showed that the displacement force induced by a spatial gradient of the static magnetic field limited to 5.26 T/m did not present any risks. 

Operation Manual for MRI-conditional flashlight REV02
Bedienungsanleitung Taschenlampe REV02.p
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 226.5 KB

Set low-magnetic battery 1,5 V, SIZE C (1 set = 2 pc)

1 Set MRI Low-Magnetic Laryngoscope/Flashlight Battery


  • Article-No. EAT0157
  • Dry cell
  • Low-Magnetic
  • Alkaline / Carbon- Zinc cell
  • Voltage: 1,5 V
  • Charge 700 mAh
  • CE-marked
  • ROHS marked
  • 2 batteries per set
Set low-magnetic battery 1,5 V, SIZE C (1 set = 2 pc), Article-No. EAT0157

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