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MRI-6669 MRT LED headlamp

5mm diameter Nichia LED, focused ultra-bright beam of light through integrated lens.

On/off switch by turning the rubberized lamp head, adjustable and flexible headband,

Includes clip for attaching to clothing, headgear, lamp head in multiple tiers

can be swiveled up to 90 degrees, battery compartment for button cells in the lamp housing, splash-proof,

Burn time approx.: 50 hours, including two small 3V CR2032 button cells


(Residual magnetism of the batteries, but usable outside the gantry [ring tunnel] of the MRT)


Ideal for work on the MRT, for example.

Housing: width 3 cm, depth 3.5 cm, height 3 cm, weight including batteries only 32 g

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