We are manufacturing tailor-made tool sets with non-mangetic titanium tools or non-mangetic and sparking-free beryllium-copper tools in different case sizes and foams with premium tools and to competitive conditions. Please talk to us personally: +49(0)5426-8069874 or contact@emarei.com

Non-sparking tools made from beryllium-copper for a chemical plant manufacturer with 89 parts in a Rox-Hamann toolcase, weight 32,5 kg

Titanium tool set with 111 tools for a german research insitute

Repair set for very big linear drives for one of the world largest German-Japanese machine manufacturer.

Repair set for a world-leading gradient coil manufacturer for magnet resonance tomography and physical science. Material Titanium.

MRI Repair set made from beryllium-copper for cost sensitive businesses.

Working set for a german paint manufacturer: non-sparking tools packed in plastic tool case with antistatic foam.

Hand tool set with non-sparking tools in a case with milled, antistatic foam.

Working set with non-sparking tools for handcraft, here for a refrigeration plant manufacturer: beryllium-copper tools with antistatic foam.