Make your company service technicians looking perfect with a privately labelled and individually compiled MRI tool set for your service technicians

It is said, that the first impression counts when it comes to the judgement of a company or a person. This is the reason, why many companies choose EMAREI ® Safety Tool Cases. They know that they are judged by the radiologists and all people around them and the better the impression and services conducted, the higher the probability that the business and personal relationship will last for a very long time. The judgement does not only apply to the person itself who is judged, it applies also the equipment which is carried by the service technician and brought into the customer´s premises. Especially when it comes to service aspects, all people working in the environment of strong magnets and especially MRI´s as well as explosive zones should live up to its role model and should only bring tested and correctly marked products to the customer. 

Get Your Personal Quotation

If you or your company is interested to get an individually compiled tool set with your company logo and all relevant safety marks and certificates, please do not hesitate to send us your RfQ to  with a list of those non-magnetic tools which should be in the tool case and you will receive a detailed quotation DAP your business location within 24 hours. 

Project Examples

OEM toolsets for a big German Medical Company in Northern Germany. Non-magnetic, non-sparking, with antistatic foam inserts.

Tool sets with ATEX-tools for a large German Energy company working with biogas-plants

Titanium tool set with 111 tools for a german research insitute

Repair set for very big linear drives for one of the world largest German-Japanese machine manufacturer.

Working set with non-sparking tools for handcraft, here for a refrigeration plant manufacturer: beryllium-copper tools with antistatic foam.

Working set with non-sparking tools for handcraft, here for electricians: beryllium-copper tools with antistatic foam.